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Giving your Home the TLC it Deserves

  • We view every home as a series of "maintenance zones".

  • Each zone has "maintenance items" that need to be done periodically or as needed.

  • We perform the maintenance, while you enjoy a more safe and efficient home.

One and Done

One annual price, labor and materials included.

What is your time worth for your family, hobbies, and career? We are offering you peace-of-mind at an unbelievable value. Pay a one-time $200 enrollment fee and choose the billing that works best for you. Rates start as low as $89/month.

*Most homes qualify for our base price. Homes with multiple HVACs, laundries, kitchens, and structures may be assessed a special rate.

So what all is included in the membership?

We will perform quarterly visits to your home, perform our visual walkthrough of your maintenance zones while taking care of chores like replacing refrigerator and HVAC filters, descaling appliances, caulking and sealing vulnerable points in your home and more.   

Ready to get started?

Schedule your home walkthrough below.

1) Schedule a Free Visit

2) Choose your Billing

  • Quarterly Billing

    Every 3 months
    +$200 Enrollment Fee
    Up to 10 Maintenance Zones
  • Annual Billing

    Every year
    +$200 Enrollment Fee
    Up to 10 Maintenance Zones
time to do home chores illustrated by clocks stacked on each other

Something more Valuable
than your Home, is your Time

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