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Growing home maintenance to-do list? Here's 5 reasons to say FI!

Updated: May 17

When your to-do list is growing taller than your weeds, it's time to trust the care of your home to our experts.

a post it not with the words "Don't Forget" written on it hangs from a light switch

Honey-do list, to-do list, maintenance list, chores, whatever your family calls it, chances are it is taking backseat to all the things we take care of for work, school, and loved ones. The brilliant joys of homeownership appear to dim when it comes time to maintaining all of the things that make your home great. The most disciplined put them on a schedule and tend to them routinely. Most people forget, or worst, ignore, until a small chore becomes a big problem!

The convenience of having your home's maintenance done for you cannot be overstated, check out five reasons to say FI!

#1 - Pay people to do what they're good at.

It takes longer to DIY than it would for a professional. Have you ever attempted to do one task and ended up with three more? The average homeowner spends about 54 - 118 hours a year doing routine maintenance that we can take care of! Hosting the next big game, trying a recipe from social, there's no limit to what you will be able to do with the time we will free up for you. Maintaining your home won't ever get in the way of living in it ever again.

#2 - Save space and funds by relying on our tools.

A 10' ladder, a lawn spreader, wrenches and lightbulbs. For all their worth, they sure take up a lot of space for only being used a handful of times. During a majority of the year they are collecting dust and cobwebs and mostly used by critters that take shelter behind them.

"The space in which we live should be for the person we are becoming now, not for the person we were in the past." – Marie Kondo

#3 - Added prevention for unwanted surprises.

Just like the intuition you might have at work or as a parent, we have for your home. If something is not looking/sounding/smelling right, we will be one of the first to know. What's better than that is we may even have time to repair / replace things on-the-spot. If not, we can schedule another appointment or if it's out of our scope, we have trusted vendors we can recommend for the job.

#4 - Your eyes and ears while you're away.

Secondary residents, vacationers, and landlords are just some of the unique customers our Home Techs can give piece of mind to. While a home is empty, the neglect of maintenance has an exponential effect. Even the best security camera system is unmatched in the quality surveilance we can provide as we check under sinks, any open garages, unlocked doors or left-on lights.

#5 - Skill or will, our services fit the bill.

Whether you simply cannot keep up with the maintenance items or do not want to, we would love to help take the burden of caring for your home. Along with certifications and training, our Home Techs are also provided regular feedback and data on our services and their performance.

If more than one of these reasons resonates, it's time to say FI.

Speak to a friendly phone consultant if you would like a personalized experience. If you are already sold, you can get started online by subscribing to a Tier, and booking your Initial Inspection of the home.

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